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Advanced Technology

Intelligent control

Full computer networked control system, the function is perfect, flexible operation. Have 32-bit double CPU master-slave CPU mutual monitoring, data processing precision and efficiency. Built-in microcomputer intelligent module, implementation of elevator running the safest and the most accurate and efficient management control.

IC card intelligent management system

With a ladder for the needs of different environments, providing the most advanced optional IC card intelligent recognition system. By rights management feature set, the elevator control technology and computer communication technology perfect combination of user ID card, such as ladders, elevators ID card starts to run, to a certain extent, greatly enhance the safety of building management and intelligent.

Energy saving traction

Use of environmentally friendly energy-saving host -- permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, this machine has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, energy saving effect is particularly prominent. The special design of no gear, without changing the oil, to avoid the traction machine have pollution problems, is the real green best elevator machine.

Safety monitoring

Through wired or wireless communication module design, simultaneous recording and monitoring the running state of the elevator hoistway and real situation of the passengers inside the elevator, so that the monitoring center staff timely detection of faults and the safe hidden danger, ensure the safety of passengers.

More advanced technology...

In the original variable voltage variable frequency variable speed system, and the latest introduction of elevator energy feedback technology, to maximize the utilization ratio of elevator for grid electricity, save energy, reduce operating costs.
Products without being used, to ensure its trunk lighting automatically shut down, stay open automatically after received a summons, reducing energy consumption anytime and anywhere.
Provide preventive maintenance data, convenient maintenance, guarantee the stability of the elevator and good condition.

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